An exhibition design with large origami pieces

Tomomi was involved in a Fashion designer, Helen Storey`s MBE celebration exhibition design project at kin Design. To celebrate Storey`s career of fashion and science, we made backlighted sculptures with large pieces of origami. LED backlight colours are changing from pale pink to blue quietly.

She was in charge of designing the stand, making and structuring origami, editing the video.

ファッションデザイナーHelen StoreyのMBE(大英国勲章)の受勲を記念した展示会の空間デザインをKinにて携わる。科学とファッションの融合をテーマに活動してきたStoreyの作品にちなみ、幾何学的な照明ピースを巨大なユニット折り紙を用いて制作




A Japanese multidisciplinary Media Artist and Experience Designer based in London. Acquired MA Design Products at Royal College of Art, Her specialisation is art and design integrity, its realisation, and making playful experience. Her media art/product design projects has been published and exhibited internationally, including the BBC, The Independent, Channel 4, Frieze Art fair and ICFF NY. She has been selected 6 best young graduates in 2009 by Creative Review, won the first prize at Ideas Tap digital design competition in 2014. Past major exhibitions are Frieze Art Fair, IMM cologne ICFF NY, Tent London, Kinetica Art Fair and Flowers gallery London. She has worked wide range of design roles such as exhibition, digital, product, set, graphic design for exhibition, advertisement, events and digital design projects, while she was working at Fjord, onedotzero, kin in London and TV Asahi in Tokyo. She wants to push the boundary of existing design innovation projects to fresh, exciting and FUN. “My work is concerned with social issues and ways of changing the status quo. he vehicle I use for doing this is humour, because humour can quickly cause dramatic psychological changes. I am also interested in the cultural differences within society which are reflected in humour.” 英国王立美術大学院(Royal College of Art)デザインプロダクト科卒業。東京都生まれ。 ユーモアや文化をテーマにしたインタラクティブ、空間デザイン、プロダクトデザイン、アート等を中心に作品を制作。代表作の"iBum", "Oshibe","Desktop Fireworks", "The Mask of Soul"はイギリス、ドイツ、アメリカ、日本等で展示を行い、BBCや英紙The Independentをはじめとした世界各国のメディアに取り上げられる。過去の展示はFrieze Art Fair (2009年)、Flowers Gallery(2014年)等。 2009年Creative Reviewベスト6卒業生選出。 2014年、Ideas Tap Digital Design Award部門1st prize受賞。 個人の作品の制作の他に、kin design, onedotzero, Fjord等で広域に渡るデザイナーとしても勤務し、体験型広告、美術館のエクスペリエンスデザイン、企画、空間デザイン、映像、モバイルやウェブベースのUI/UX, グラフィック、サービスデザイン、デザインストラテジー、ワークショップデザイン、リサーチ等多岐に渡るプロジェクトに携わる。 過去に携わったプロジェクトには、Nike Footballのキャンペーン展示広告、Twitter Suite for Cannes Lion 2015, マンチェスター科学博物館の"Revolution Manchester"インタラクティブ展示スペースデザイン、Wallpaper Magazine カスタムカバープロジェクト、 Google UKの折り紙の照明プロジェクト等。

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