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12 folds

Playful christmas card project at kin design

12 folds are playful Christmas card design project at kin Design. Each cards come with 12 origami folds and a LED and a battery, which will turn into a small christmas light with watching our instruction video on kin website. In addition, all of cards are uniquely hand stamped by the same shaped stamp as the fold. All approximately 100 cards have different patterns. Tomomi was in charged to design folds and cards, and film the instruction video for this project.

kin designにて携わった12枚の折り紙で照明が作れるキットが入ったクリスマスカードプロジェクト。 デザインディベロップメントと、 一つ一つ違ったスタンプがおされたカードデザインを担当しました。





Tomomi Sayuda