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Design how to think



このプレゼンテーションは女性向けのUXデザイナーコミュニティ、UX Hexagon Tokyoにて発表されました。


Workshops are everywhere! Such a popular activity to identify and solve issues. But,do you often get creative for the process of designing the workshop? Workshops are a great way to create interactions among people to discuss specific topics,but quite often they can be crammed because of a shortage of time.

Each case is different and it will be effective to consider each case individually and tailor the methods and tools for it and make the process enjoyable to get better results!

As I work as a media artist,as well as working as an experience design director,I often put something unexpected or some ridiculous element within the design of a business workshop. Sometimes I employ a theatrical approach,using food and any playful ideas. I try to connect those paradoxical art and business contexts as one.

I will talk to my personal experience,when I moved to my media art field to design innovation as well as talking through workshop design topics.