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'Arse is the window of soul.'

A modern simple chair. However, the surface of its seat is covered in transparent plastic. Beneath the plastic hides a scanner; thus the chair is able to scan the bottom of whoever sits on it and print out the image a few minutes later, giving the sitter an exact picture of his or her ‘derrière’. The chair delivers a new visual and interactive experience as well as entertainment for its users.

The chair’s concept was inspired by streakers (buttocks in particular) in British popular culture. Recently, people all over the world feel more confortable to publically express their sexual interests due to this spreading global phenomenon. Therefore the i-Bum reflects this visual sexual context in post-modern popular culture.



IBumのビデオがYouTubeで12万回以上の再生され、Creative Review,The sunday times,NHK等様々な国のメディアで取り上げられました。


Creative Direction and

Video, Product and Graphic Design

Tomomi Sayuda

Technical Support

Nicolas Marechal

Alcwyn Parker

Shozo Kuze

Furniture Fabrication

Wayne Pritchard


Kumiko Yabu

Makoto Nomura

Past Exhibitions

February 2011 Art Mosh, Munich, Germany
January 2010 IMM Cologne (International furniture fair), Cologne, Germany
October 2009 Frieze Art Fair, Resonance FM booth, London
September 2009 AD Agency Mother London

Media Appearance


August 2009 Creative Review September 2009 issue(UK), as one of the best graduates in UK 2009



August 2010 Never use pop up windows/Anneloes van Gaalan,BIS publisher (Netherlands) 
February 2010 Crazy Tech, OLO editions (France)


January 2010 N24 (Germany) news
October 2009 NHK BS-2 Digital stadium (Japan)