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Oshibe plays sounds, has lights and entertains you

Oshibe, meaning stamen in Japanese, is a playful interactive music and lighting sculpture. It represents optimistic elements of life, for instance, plants, eggs, light and the moon.

When you put a semi-transparent egg on one of five stamens, Oshibe plays different ambient sounds, depending upon the particular combination of stamen. Audiences can create their own sounds, using the locations and numbers of eggs. This interactive sculpture creates a therapeutic and positive atmosphere differently inspired by everyday life.

The idea is inspired by a Japanese ‘animistic’ view of life. Animism, which is the belief that everything has a spirit, including everyday objects such as trees and plants, is a belief in Japan that has existed since ancient times.





Creative Direction and Design

Tomomi Sayuda

Sound Design

Kumiko Yabu

Technical Support

Nicolas Marechal

John Nussey

Shozo Kuze

Past Exhibition

February 2013 IIT Bombay, India
February 2011 Kinetica Art Fair, London
September 2010 Tent London
June 2010 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
May 2010 ICFF New York

Media Appearance