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Twitter data visualisation table

A data visualization installation for twitter at cannes lions festival 2015

Tomomi joined as a product designer at a data visualization installation project for Twitter at cannes lions 2015 at onedotzero.

The table hat visualizes key Twitter campaigns from the past year.

With all the complicated hardware housed within a crafted shell of CNC cut birch ply, users are treated to an organic structure that looks like sun drenched grooves in the sand, and sounds like the ocean, thanks to thousands of ball bearings moving rhythmically across the surface of the table.

Users interact with the table through a touch screen panel, from which they can choose to explore 5 hashtags. The data sets behind each hashtag are then visualized through a series of choreographies that use motion and magnetism to propel thousands of ball bearings across the surface the table.

The featured campaigns are 5 of the most compelling and successful stories on Twitter over the last year, each telling a powerful story of reach, momentum and impressions such as #WaterstonesSleepover and #BlackLivesMatter

After its debut at the Tweet Suite at Cannes Lions 2015, the tableheaded to Twitter’s San Francisco HQ to take up a permanent residency in their new visitor’s centre.


カンヌ国際広告祭2015年のTwitter本社の展示スペースであるTwitter Suiteで披露された、データビジュアライゼーションインスタレーションプロジェクトに、プロダクトデザイナーとして参加しました。









Creative Direction

Shane Walter

Product Design

Tomomi Sayuda

James Christian

Video Edit

Tomomi Sayuda

Fabrication and Robotics

Interactive Architecture Lab,
The Bartlett, UCL

Data Visualisation

The Luxury of Protest