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October 2020
2020年10月1日 朝日新聞全国版 夕刊 にOMNIマイクロプラスチックの記事が掲載。


October 2020 
マガジンハウスのライフスタイル雑誌 &Premium の2020年11月号「これからのつくりのいいもの」特集に、自身の部屋と工芸品コレクションが見開き 4ページで掲載されました。

October 2014 AXIS (Japan)
Spring 2013 Trinity (Japan)
Autumn 2012 Surface Design (USA)
Spring 2010 DQ Magazine (Australia)
November 2010 ARCH Magazine (Taiwan)
November 2010 International Magazine of space design BOB (Korea)
August-September 2010 Mein schönes (Germany)
December 2009 FHM Germany (Germany)
Autumn 2009 Global Color Research’s Mix magazine (UK)
October 2009 onOffice November 2009 issue (UK)
August 2009 Creative Review September 2009 issue(UK), as one of the best graduates in UK 2009




3 March 2013 Chikyu Agora, NHK BS1(Japan)
12 September 2012 El Mundo, NHK BS1 (Japan)
21 January 2010 N24 news (Germany)
16 October 2009 Digital stadium, NHK BS-2 (Japan)


September 2020 FASU (Japan)
October 2014
 BBC News (UK)
July 2014 Mocoloco (USA)
July 2014 Designboom (USA), Desktop Fireworks
July 2014 Designboom (USA), The Mask of Soul
July 2014 Graphism (France)
July 2014 Spoon&Tamago (Japan)
June 2014 The Huffington Post (UK)
July 2012 Business Media Makoto(Japan)
May 2012 Mocoloco (USA)
May 2012 Inhabitat (USA)
November 2010 Mocoloco (USA)
May 2010 Habitus living (USA)
May 2010 Exclama magzine (Colombia)
May 2010 Contemporist (USA)
May 2010 SPIEGEL ONLINE (Germany)
September 2009 Domus Web (Itary)
September 2009 Creative Review TV (UK)
July 2009 Green Muse (Canada)
July 2009 Creative Review Blog (UK)