Ocean microplastics citizen science

市民参加型 海洋マイクロプラスティック/海ごみプロジェクト

左右田が所属する東京大学生産技術研究所のDLX Design Labでは地域や外部の人たちも巻き込んだ海洋マイクロプラスティックと海ごみに関する研究プロジェクトを行っています。





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The DLX Design Lab at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, where I am currently belonging, has launched an outreach research project about ocean microplastics. Microplastics in the ocean is an international problem. Plastic litter flowed out to the oceans has been shattered into small particles then invisible microplastics have been generated and dispersed into the ocean.

We are creating learning tools to make the younger generation aware of microplastics issues, dissemination tools and opportunities to get to know for wider generation, and new prototype devices which will help science research about microplastics in the ocean with the team of designers and scientists.

As the first phase of this OMNI Microplastics project, we created an appealing animation video about the general understanding of microplastic issues to wider audiences. We will develop educational workshop contents for wider range audiences – from children to adults, and new microplastic collection devices for science researchers with local seaside communities in the Kanto area. Then we are targeting to spread the principal to the whole nation.

I work as a Experience Design Director for designing workshop series,  service ecosystem, digital communication design and  directing / making videos.

This project has been conducted as a part of “FSI Research Project on Marine Plastics in partnership with Nippon Foundation” which was launched by the University of Tokyo and the Nippon Foundation in 2019.

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Project Lead

Tomomi Sayuda

Project Advisor

Miles Pennington

Product Designer

Maximilian Fischer


UTokyo IIS, DLX Design Lab