Alternative workshop to understand backend digital system with using theatrical practice

‘Roleplay Makeshop’ tells the story of the interaction between a digital service and the back-end systems that support it.

As designers, it can be difficult to understand the interplay between backstage systems and the user interface. Back-end systems are intangible and complicated, and often impose constraints on what we are able to design. It’s very important for us to understand these constraints for ourselves, and to explain the story to clients in an engaging format.

We often use metaphors to explain and understand such complicated systems. It would be exciting to bring system components to life, and use human beings to illustrate user journeys through role play – like improvised theatre rehearsal.

You will work as a group to brainstorm and demonstrate how to present the users and the back-end system within the scenario. You’ll act out your parts through improvised dialogue and movement. Each person will be given a role, such as a user, front-end, back-end, database etc.

Tomomi presented and facilitated Role Play Makeshop has been shown at UX Cambridge conference at September 2016, on behalf of Fjord London.

UX ケンブリッジのカンファレンスで発表したロールプレイメイクショップという、演劇の手法を使ってデジタルサービスとバックエンドシステムを理解するためのワークショップデザイン。



このワークショップは2016年9月にイギリスのケンブリッジで行われたユーザーエクスペリエンス系のカンファレンス、UX ケンブリッジにてFjordのチームメンバーと共に発表しました。


Workshop Design Direction
Tomomi Sayuda

Workshop Design and Facilitation
Lynn Chung
Tomomi Sayuda
Leon Bovett

Graphic Design
Tomomi Sayuda


UX Cambridge