An office stationary set for celebration of your stressful work

‘Desktop Fireworks’ is a digital art piece about how I can deliver some positivity in a stressful work environment. ‘Desktop Fireworks’ looks like an ordinal set of office stationary, at glance. However, it has alternative special hidden functions for surprises.
Having spent time working stressfully, ‘Desktop Fireworks’ enables you to celebrate. By pressing the big Emergency style button,
A tape cutter, a mug releases an orchestra of light, small desktop drawers play music and bubbles, bookends and small notice boards releases confetti. Those continuous automated entertaining elements create surprises and give personal celebration at the end of stressful days.
Psychological stress affects many people. The causes can be varied. An unexpected delightful surprise can uplift moods and emotions. ‘Desktop Fireworks’; is an alternative office stationary.
In Japan, high suicide rates due to work stress are one of the biggest social problems. Our daily lives have strong contrast in the day – work- and night -play- traditionally. There are words of ‘Hare’ (sacred) and ‘Ke’(secular), which we often use to describe our cultural contrasts in daily life and unusual days. I would like to represent the strong contrast in the daily life in the office, and opposite exciting elements for entertainments such as fireworks, which is popular in Japan as summer night festival. Those two opposite elements always need to live together, particularly in hard work societies. Therefore I hide my entertainment elements inside practical modern office stationary and create contrasts and surprises to uplift human emotion.

Desktop Fireworksは一見通常のオフィス文具一式に見える、メディアアート作品です。セットの中に含まれている非常ボタンに似た大きなボタンを押すと、文具セットの中に隠れていたライトや音楽、シャボン玉や紙吹雪が飛び出てあたかもDesktop (机)にFireworks (花火)のような一夜限りの大きな一瞬のお祭り騒ぎを提供します。その特別な花火効果がストレスに悩まされるあなたの気持ちを高揚させ、自分だけの現実逃避を提供します。このボタンは本当にストレスが最高潮に溜まった時のみに押す事ができます。夜、終電間際、一人で仕事をせざるを得なくなった状況時に押される事を想定して制作されています。


Creative Direction
Video, Product and graphic Design

Tomomi Sayuda

Technical Support
John Nussey
Laurence Symonds

Filming Assistant
Yurii Kasao
Gil Muller
Yasuhiro Suzuki
Wan Tseng
Linhshin Liang

Florian Schroeder