Alternative brainstorm workshop idea using edible materials

Tomomi hosted an alternative creative workshop for idea generation with using waffle and dressing materials at Fjord London.

Instead of using post its and pens, she asked participants to use edible materials – waffles, fruits, creams and choco syrups to express your ideas related to Fjord Trend – which is the company’s latest trend forecast statements.

She provided trend card and waffle planning card as workshop supplement material to help participants to engage this new way of brainstorming process.

The workshop ended with success – everyone engaged on the creative thinking process because of the tangible and accessible output for everyone.

The key point of workshop should be focused on democratic idea creation rather than presentation skill competition or design thinking ritual process. – That was the key message of organizing this creative workshop.

The detail report of the workshop has been published on Fjord conversation page. 

通常、イノベーション系のデザインシンキングワークショップで使われる、ポストイット、ペンの代わりに、食べ物を使って表現をする試みを試した、イノベーションワッフルメイクショップをFjord Londonオフィスにて、左右田考案でオーガナイズしました。