Exhibition design for a sustainable design award for Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Tomomi was involved in the London College of Fashion Centre’s for sustainable fashion ‘UNIQUE’ award ceremony at Kin. The fashion award is celebration of innovative sustainable fashion ideas for the future from fashion students all over the world. To celebrate the award ceremony, Kin made human powered interactive zoetropes and sound cones. The audience could spin the 2M zoetropes with handles on their stand without electricity to see cat walk model animations. Under the paper made sound cones, people could listen to award nominee’s explanations of their concepts. All of the sound cones and zoetropes were made from recycled cardboards and paper.

Tomomi was in charge of design development and model making for the zoetropes and sound cones for this project.

London College of Fashionの中にあるリサーチ機関である、Centre’s for sustainable fashionの‘UNIQUE’アワードの空間デザインをKin Designにて携わりました。



Creative Direction
Kevin Palmer

Product Design
Tomomi Sayuda


London College of Fashion